We offer drafting services in the following categories:
Bridge and structures
  • Complete replacement of bridges
  • Replacement of steel, concrete, and wood spans
  • Bridge widening to support additional track
  • Replacement of culverts
  • New overpasses
Deck and track
  • Replacement of open timber decks
  • Replacement of ballasted decks
  • Installation of walkways
  • Installation of handrail
  • Track profile
  • Track alignment
Steel repairs and strenghthening
  • Repairs of steel on various types of spans, viaduct towers, etc.
  • Splicing of flanges
  • Beam web repairs
  • Replacement of secondary steel
  • Reinforcement of chords, traction bracing, etc.
  • Replacement of bearings
Concrete repairs
  • Concrete repair of various infrastructure components
  • Formwork drawings for piers, abutments, culverts
  • Reinforcement plans, schedules, and rebar details
Shop drawings
  • DPG, TPG or multi-beam spans
  • Pre-built concrete elements
  • Various secondary steel components
  • Material schedules
Access and security
  • Scaffolding suspended on various types of spans
  • Freestanding scaffolding
  • Retaining walls
  • Access plans for permit application
  • Layout plans
  • Work procedures
  • Fencing
Temporary work
  • Templates for pile installation
  • Temporary supports for conduits, rails, and cranes
  • Custom gantry cranes
  • Temporary retaining walls
  • Cofferdams
  • Diversion culverts
  • Supports and lifting beams
Emergency works

Emergency repairs and/or replacements due to derailments, fires or washouts


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